Exhibition Kurhausplein phototransfers on wood. Handmade work
Exhibition Kurhausplein phototransfers on wood. Handmade work

People with their personal movements and expressions inspires me.

Mensen in hun uitingsvormen en bewegingen boeien mij.

I like too 'write' with light and to compose with light and shadow, thats what it takes with photography. It is my natural gift and I did not study for it by any art academy. As a child I observed persons a lot , I created other emotions and expressions from their face and body's in my mind. As a social worker later on I loved to write scripts about behaviour of my clients. 


I start photographing after I finished the school of drama at The Hague.

I specialised myself with multi-racial groups

I was exited about how many moments I saw during seconds true my objectives.

Na de toneelschool ben ik gestart met de fotografie. Ik bemerkte een speciale passie en oog voor acteurs en muzikanten. De overgave aan zang of dans maakt een persoon bijzonder mooi om te fotograferen.

If you believe your talent there is not any school for it. Just practise every day and ask people there opinions. Thats how I developed my work.

I will go know for my plan with African musicians and there special taste of food from there land.




Events exhibitions press

AHOY Nederpop Johan Derksen

Earth Wind & Fire ALLSTARS

2018-Theater De Nieuwe Regentes AJ PLUG

2017- Marco Santos & Friends Paard v Troje met o.a Ebou Gaye Mada Gambia

2017-Pinsterblues & jazz Panchobar/ Houtrust Societeit Engels

2016/2017- ZZ Leiden basketbal topsport jeugd

2017-Denise Jannah Regentenkamer

2017-Miss Black Hair Amsterdam

2016-Jazz Culinair Voorburg (Golder Earring/M Varekamp)

2016- Art market at Scheveningen NL

2016- African Festival Zuiderstrand Theater Carmen Souza & Theo Pascal olv Residentie Orkest

2016- Remy van Kesteren wint muzikale Award 2016

2016 - Evenement met ZKH koningin Maxima

2016 - Arterykc Tavenu2015 - Pop-up Entrepot Rotterdam
2015 - Miaw en Nationale kunstweek Rotterdam
2014 - Arterykc Den Bosch
2014 - MIAW 

2015 - Jazz in de Gracht Den haag

2014- Uitreiking boek 200 jaar koninkrijk 

2013- Ondernemersplein wint Roots of Africa  in 24 uurs businessplan. Afrikaans receptenboek.

2013- Funshopgids Groningen en Leeuwarden etalage en produkten.

2012-Importante 10 jaar Jubileum en ZKH prinses Maxima JP Morgan - Karsten Klein

2012- Bissmisschool  Importante Den Haag